Illinois Home Solutions is here to protect you as realtor or as a buyer/seller of any property... and we do it for FREE!  We offer FREE mold inspections and estimates for homeowners and realtors.  If there is no mold found, we will not charge you!   If there is mold found, we will not charge you for your estimate!  It costs nothing to make sure that you are buying a house that is healthy and safe for your family to live in.  It costs nothing to make sure that you are selling a house that is safe and clear of any mold concerns.  

Be aware that most general home inspectors are not certified mold remediation specialists and are not certified mold inspectors.  Make sure to cover your bases; have every home checked. Get FREE peace of mind knowing that you have bought a home that has no mold trouble.  Get FREE peace of mind knowing that you had a mold inspection performed, ensuring there will be no trouble after the sale in regards to mold concerns.

Our Services

Buying or Selling Your Home?

Residential or Commercial
Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation

Illinois Home Solutons is a local family-owned and operated company, offering mold remediation and mold inspection services for homes and offices throughout Central Illinois.
Because no two affected areas are the same, many factors go into determining your customized quote. We will perform an in-person mold inspection and evauation at no charge for homeowners and realtors.

We know that every situation is different.  Let us know what your goals and concerns are so that we may cater our services to fit your needs!

Contact Us to schedule your FREE mold inspection and estimate!

Residential or Commercial 
Infection and Disease Control

Illinois Home Solutions offers Nutec Environmental Treatments, the most effective way to treat surface and airborne viruses, bactria, and mold.  Its photocatalytic properties allow the treatment to kill and to continue eliminating disease and infection causing organisms long after the treatment has been applied.   Nutec treats for mold, althete's foot fungus, H1N1, cold and flu viruses, Salmonella, E.Coli, Staph, and many more.  It treats viruses and bacteria that cause RSV, ringworm, strep, and hand, foot, and mouth diseases.

Nutec Treatments that kill MRSA, C.Diff, and Norovirus are also available with emergency service within 24hrs!

Our Promise

Locally Owned in Springfield and Peoria, IL, serving all of Central Illinois

We want your home or office to be safe, healthy, and clean.  More important, we want you completely satisfied with our mold remediation services.  If we didn't meet your expectations, give us a call. We'll make it right. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority!

It is important to us to give you the peace of mind you need when dealing with a mold concern.  This is why we offer FREE post-remediation inspections at our clients' requests, transferrable to new owners.